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Posted by tgchan on June 28, 2010 at 9:16 AM

So finally I got what I wanted... This is how my day looks now:

- I wake up around 1 pm

- I make 50 push ups then 66 sit ups

- hoover my room/ mouse pad, keyboard etc. (one of my psychological problem)

- play on guitar for couple of minutes (I wasted money for it so I have to play on it for at least few minutes everyday just to feel better/ probably my another psychological problem)

- and from now... all I do for the next ~14h is gaming LoL

- 4 am I turn off my pc and go sleep.

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- look above lol

I will repeat this day pattern for whole holidays...(I will have to find some time to write my thesis though fck...)


This is me... this is what I do...

Today I had a dream that I have a girlfriend lol. It was quite cool to have someone...

You know... you can't really have a girl when you lead such an extreme GAMER lifestyle...rotfl

I mean, yes you can but this is not the only problem...

Add some fucked up point of view on life, lots of depression, some minor psychological problems and you will get the boyfriend from hell LMAO

Fck it is late (15:47) and I didn't play game yet!

cya next time

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