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extreme gaming in extreme temperatures...

Posted by tgchan on July 17, 2010 at 6:07 AM

It is so fcking hot that I am sweating my ass off just sitting around... that is bad for gaming... I'm telling you...

Today I will level up to 80lv with my rogue ( took me exactly 31days without being exping wh0re. I just enjoyed the game )

I have already subscribed  for +2months. People say that the real fun starts after 80lv, well I hope these noobs are right.

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Nothing really happens in my life now except... THAT I AM FUCKING SWEATING MY ASS OFF! god fckign damn it! It really annoys me...

Hey noob,

mayb if liek 1 day my nutsack fell off id liek start playin mmorpgs lol but wile i stil got balls i figur i shuld use them rofl


Well I am 25yo balless virgin geek living with my parents and I am too sh1t in pro games like cs sc quake etc. so all I can do is hf in wow...

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