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Posted by tgchan on August 16, 2010 at 8:54 AM

I feel that I am extremely  intelligent...

I can read people like an open book,

I can see angles nobody else can see,

I can adjust to every situation immediately,

I can get into someones mind and know how they feel, what they think,

I can foresee reaction of the people in most situations,

I can be who you want me to be...

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I know I am very stupid,

I can't make simple math,

I am extremely lazy,

I can't find my own place in life,

I don't know how can I use my talent or maybe I am too lazy?

I am too weak to fight for my dreams,

Even if I can predict the course of my action, sometimes hate and rage blinds me,

I am such a dreamer that sometimes I lose the grip with the reality,

Because of my rules and beliefs I am all alone... no best friend, no friends... just buddies.

" If I can't have real friends I choose not to have any... "

So am I extremely intelligent guy or just a mental fool?

I guess this all even out, making me another ordinary walking bag of meat... nothing more... nothing less...

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