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Obsessive?compulsive disorder

Posted by tgchan on September 13, 2010 at 2:47 PM

Obsessive–compulsive disorder... + a lil bit of mysophobia.

This is what I got (for sure)...and many more I bet lol

Few weeks ago I was watching again " Matchstick Men " movie, it is really great.

Main character...

" Roy suffers from several mental disorders, including agoraphobia, mysophobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder and a tic disorder — not to mention the fact that he yells, "Pygmies" whenever something surprises or upsets him. "

In my opinion this is Nicholas Cage at his best.

I was laughing my ass off because of his mental disorders, maybe because I knew exactly how awful he was feeling about certain things haha.

The movie and the wikipedia gave me an idea that I can finally learn about this son of the bitch which makes my life a lil fcking bit harder.

I am really glad I don't have it all what he does, otherwise I would blow my brains out.

The thing which really bothers me is that my mental disorders are incresing...

I remember that I have started hoover my room everyday few years ago, now I do my room, bathroom and the hall...(everything next to my room) FFS lol

Everytime I go out from my room and come back I hoover soles of my flip-flops before I sit down to my desk. Not to mention that I hoover my mousepad, mouse and the keyboard like 10times a day...

It is not something that will make me go crazy and pop my brains out if I will not do it...

but it just simply makes me feel bad and uncomfortable.

I know I get some things after my mother as she is crazy about cleaning etc. but what I got is upgraded shit... much heavier and annoying.

Anyways when I say about this to people (and they don't get it why )they laugh and I laugh with them even when it is pissing the shit out of me sometimes :D

It is just a funny disorder to have, especially when you recollect Nicholas Cage and his role as  Roy ^^,

and what is most important!!!...

nobody will ever be more clean than you are and your room/house/stuff unless he has some greater disorders lol


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