Philosophy of life... by tgchan

All quotes are written by me. I write them down everytime some interesting thought comes to my mind, sometimes I have to wait day,week or even months. Every quote has a deep meaning and explanation(if you are not afraid to think you will understand most of them). I am trying to write them in english but sometimes it is really hard for me to put them in one piece with good grammar etc. (it is like with poems,songs... or just shitty excuse of being bad at English...) Every quote is based on my personal experience and fucked up point of view. I am highly influenced by old chinese philosophy(yin&yang), lots of metal, industrial, electronic bands, games, cyberpunk eh uh oh ehmmm oh yea! and failures in life! which shaped me into this fucked up life form...

Philosophical Quotations by tgchan

1. " Look at the disadvantage same way as you are looking at advantage, then it will stop being

      disadvantage. Everything what's perfect will not survive... "



" Don't try too hard... otherwise you can find yourself in place totally opposite to your

      intentional one. "

5. " By the hate, pain and suffering I gain power and strenght to fight back the life... "

" When you will learn how to control your own mind, you will be able to control everyone... "

" Like water... you have to avoid the obstacles and never stop flow. "

" Every failure, every lack of success, use as a step to jump even higher!...  "

9. " There is no good and evil in the world... only people and their point of view. "

10. " When you will look at people closely enough... you will be able to see the animals in

        clothes. "  

11. " You think you are free? Hmmm... No, you are NOT!. You are slave!, a property of

        corporations... Open your eyes and use them for once! How many collars have you on

        yourself with their brand?! adidas, nike, casio, durex... don't be afraid to list them... you

        are only a mindless cog sacrificing your own life to propel machine of unreal dreams. "

12. " I would give so much...everything I have! only for one thing... I don't wanna see the real

        life anymore... I wanna start the new old life. Eat and enjoy the f*cking lies served by

        world, lie myself that everythig will be ok... live like other humans in their "perfect", nice,

        full of bullsh*t fake world... "

13. " Many people around me claim that I am a pessimist, but I am not. One day I just woke

        up from beautiful unreal dream and started to see reality... I never wanted it though. "

14. " Love, hate, gun... each can be used to kill... "

15. " World don't give a sh*t about you... so you better locate your faith somewhere else. "

16. " Life is a rough river full of sh*t... and you are sitting in a boat without oars. "

17. " Why do I understand and see life most when my eyes are full of tears...? "

18. " Don't hide your hate and evil... we are designed to hurt others. "

19. " There are plenty of diseases in this world... but the mankind is the worst one. "

20. " Less you stay with people, more you see how they works. "

21. " Choice, the problem is choice. You always have it and almost never use it right. Life is

        giving tips which path we should choose, you have to listen carefully and try to

        understand its language... otherwise you will keep wander... "

22. " What are we chasing for...? a girl, better car, job, prestige? You better find this out or

        your life will never make any sense. Me? Well my life is simple...I don't give a shit about

        how do I look, what do I have, if I am fucking my own hand or beautiful girl. I just want

        to do what I love and fuck the rest, inevitable death is coming  anyways so why bother

        about such a shits...? "

23. " You can be best of the best at something, amazing and breathtaking but if you don't

         know how to control your fear, stress, anger you will always lose againts yourself. "

24. " I may know shit about life but one thing I am certain... it will do everything in its power to

        tear out every single happiness from your lifetime... "

25. " Happiness is like a demo version of a game, you will taste it, love it but you will be never

        able to fully enjoy it. You can just sit back and wait for a great god of doom to come and

        fuck everything up... "

26. " When life is kicking me, who is laying on the ground already, weird wisdom of exsitence

        is venting out of me... "

27. " In life you can be stupid when you are not thinking or thinking too much... "

28. " I bled and cried my life out, I am good as dead... "

29. " Don't let the god know what you are after in life, this motherfucker will do everything to

         stop you. "

30. " Things most desired and wanted are always right in front of you... you just have to open

         your eyes wide enough. "

31. " When you hate something with all your heart, it is matter of time when you will start

         love it... "

32. " Everything looks great at the beginning... isn't it? and then... "

33. " I am doing the right thing, because I believe..."

34. " 99.99% of people lives their life just to survive, 00.01% of people live theirs life just to

        understand it... "

35. " Lie and people will love you. Tell them the truth and you will be lonely... "

36. " The easiest things are always the hardest one... "

37. " You will understand how weak humans are, when one tiny virus will knock you down..."

38. " My every dream is like a snowflake, whenever I am so close I can touch it, it melts

        away...  "

39. " Don't let your own dream destroy you...  "

40. " I have nothing to lose... so I have nothing to fear... "

41. " Try to remain natural in every situation... after all, you are only a human. "

42. " Music for my ears is like a wind for trees... "

43. "  There are few things you can not stop in life, the time is one of them. Learn how to use

         it as your advantage and you will gain great power. "

44. " You never know with who you are speaking... "

45. " I don't want to go to sleep... I know that the same life awaits me... "

46. " True destiny will always find you... no matter where or when. "

47. " We are living in the world where you can't be who you really are and you can't do what

        you love for a living... "

48. " It is much easier to be someone else than yourself... "

49. " If you don't have a talent for something, you will never win with the person who

        has one... "

50. " If you don't fight for your dream in life, there is no really point of living... "

51. " You decide if you are 0 or 1. "

52. " Everyone can lose, turn back and walk away, only few can try again and again just to get

        what they want... "

53. " Strenght comes from weakness. "

54. " The prisoner of my own mind... "

55. " Never look back, memories hurt too much. There is only present and future. "

56. " Without bad things we would never experience the good things. "

57. " There are lots of beautiful girls in this world but only few who can truly accept who you 

         really are... "

58. " Most of the time the things you are looking for are where you don't expect them to be. "

59. " I am nobody... Does it mean I can be anyone...? "

60. " Your fear will always try to get you when you are the weakest. "

61. " There are no coincidences... these are the signs which we are unable to read. "

62. " If you can't be happy in life, enjoy the moment. "

63. " Every gaming day is a good day."

64. " I love two things; low ping, high fps."

65. " When we got what we wanted we forget what we really wanted. "

66. " Doing everything you do nothing... "

67. " If you are afraid something might happen, you will make it happen. "

68. " What is worse; Living the unreal dream or give up on your dream? "

69. " Everything is exactly how you don't  want it to be... "

70. " Everyone starts as a noob. Not everyone ends like a pro... "

71. " A good book will always be reminisce like a good movie, never like a book. "

72. " Without a goal there is no point of action. "

73. " The things we fear makes us who we are. "

74. " I might have lost few chapters in my life because of gaming, so what...? "

75. " What is a good music ? Eyes full of tears, shivers, energy filling up every inch of your

        body and the feeling that you can overcome impossible. "

76. " If I can't have real friends, I choose not to have any... "

77. " I have such an emotional rollercoaster I can't tell either I am in heaven or hell... "

78. " When everything is so fucked up in your life even small things makes you happy. "

79. " I am so deep in this shit that I don't know if it is passion or obsession anymore... "

80. " The greatest power and wisdom comes from calmness. "

81. " We are living in the high tech cyber jungle... the world where you do what you have to in

        order to survive... "

82. " When everyone is happy around me, I enjoy being sad. "

83. " No matter what I do, I can never be like the rest of you... "

84. " I keep telling myself; stay in dreams, this is not the world for you. "

85. " I play the game but I know I will never be a professional gamer. I play on guitar but I

        know I will never be a rock star. I live the life but I know I will never be alive... "

86. " I try to justify my current situation in life by looking at myself through someone

        else eyes. "

87. " Everything what is around me turns grey and die... "

88. " Some people are born with great mind, some are very beautiful and other are just simply

        cool. Me? I was born with two perfect hands for gaming. "

89. " Whole my life I am trying to be someone I am not... "

90. " I have a head full of ideas for everything... unfortunately I can't find any for my own

        life... "

91. " My mouth is like a Pandora's box... everytime I open it, bad things happen... "

92. " If something bad is waiting for you, hit it first. It hurts much less. "

93. " ... everywhere I go there is a big iron wall saying:  fuck you tgchan!!! you ain't going nowhere! "

xx. " Coming soon I guess... "

Something else

[ Originally posted by tgchan on July 13, 2009 at 4:04 PM ] 

Eating by one, it helps remind me I'm still alive

Tears flow on my face

Life is passing all around me

and I stay in one place of nowhere

Placed in box of life I wander from wall to wall

trying to find the way out

My parent's faces are fading away

they will become a memory soon

and I will stand in the very same place of nowhere

Thrown into ocean in storm, I was never meant to survive

I want to make so many things...yet I am not even able to live

Trying to find out about myself

I end up lost even more

Trying to be part of something

I see how imperfect  being I am

Broken soul into million little pieces

too late to get them all back into one place again

Losing the grip with reality I fall into abyss

Falling down I am looking for an angle's hand

Hand which will bring me back to place where I used to smile...


Inspired by eating a chocolate and listening to NIN - Right where it belongs (live)